The high school seminar is geared for high school students and those planning to attend high school soon (can be used by 7th and 8th graders).



■  Easy-to-use techniques to get higher grades with less effort and less stress.

■  The art of taking exams, including the ACT® and SAT®.

■  Effective memory techniques.

■  How to make learning foreign languages fun.

■  The keys to turning in ‘A’ quality papers.

■  How postcards change B’s into A’s.

■  Why it’s important to study according to your biological clock.

■  How to take effective notes at home and in class and make them work for you.

■  How to study smart, not hard and get top grades.



1. Get Creative

2. Goals

3. Learn to Exercise Your Brain

4. Choose the Classes You Like

5. Get to Know Your Teachers

6. Full Speed Ahead

7. Develop and Learn to Use Your Memory

8. Increase Your Reading Power

9. Study According to Your Biological Clock

10. Master the Art of Studying

11. Become an Expert Test Taker

12. Take Worthwhile Notes

13. The Key to Perfect Papers

14. Studying Foreign Languages

15. Studying Math and Science

16. Attendance

17. Financing Your Higher Education

18. Take Advantage of All Financial Aid Offered

19. Prepare for the ACT® and SAT®

20. College Bound

21. Stay Mentally, Spiritually and Physically Fit



The Seven Steps of Goal Getting

Educated Guessing

Five Steps to Better Writing


ISBN  0-9617886-6-6

(formerly ISBN 0-9617886-2-3)


Where There’s a Will

There’s an A®

How to Get Better Grades

in High School


By Professor Claude Olney


Each set contains 2 DVDs and comes with a 44 page seminar manual.

Approximate total running time:

3 hours, 3 minutes.


Price: $46.95 (Scroll down to order)

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